The brand “Zaferuw” is the Saffron (a red gold spice derived from Saffron’s flower) in a local dialect of people in the South Khorasan Province in Iran.

In the Zaferuw Persian Cuisine, we serve you diverse local dishes from all around the Iran that are flavored by a taste of pure organic Saffron which my ancestors and grandparents have been cultivating in the South Khorasan region for decades.

At Zaferuw we sought to interpret the welcoming and cozy atmosphere of traditional Persian homes in a bright and minimalist design. We have tried to craft a location that demonstrates the ways in which contemporary design can be a complement to hospitality, not in competition with it. Zaferuw’s interior design is a fusion of traditional and modern styles decorated with Iranian women’s handicrafts, with subtle symbolic touches that cleverly nod to the heritage of both the host and the food we create.



Food is the language through which we best know how to express ourselves and our passions. Me and my wife’s earliest and fondest childhood memories are of staying indoors during the summer, helping our mothers with preparing foods and making jams and pickles. Both of us have always been fascinated by the magical tastes in our traditional grandma recipes. Over the past twenty years, we have lived and worked in different cities and countries. We found out that our true passion was cooking for friends and classmates. For several years, we were dreaming of opening a restaurant. Finally, in the winter of 2019, we opened Zaferuw.